When it comes down to sharing information you already know, blogging is one of the easiest and convenient methods you can opt for. But in order to do that, you need to first clear out the basics. What is a blog?

Can you share your personal experiences on your blog? Can your blog be monetized? Do bloggers earn enough money?

There are many questions that repeatedly occur in the mind of people thinking about starting a blog. Today, we will start from the very basic and help you answer all the major questions regarding setting up a blog.

Meaning Of A Blog

A blog is a website or a page on a website that is regularly managed and updated. It can be run by an individual or many individuals depending upon the growth and purpose of the blog. The basic purpose of a blog is to share information on topics you know about. A blogger is a person who manages and runs a blog.


Key Areas To Focus On

Key Areas To Focus On

The most important thing that decides the success and failure of the blog is consistency. Once you start a blog, you need to consistently upload and update the content you post. Another important thing to keep in mind is there are millions of people posting content regularly, but creating quality content is something most people lack. So if you merely spin information and post it on your blog, any time you want then your blog might never reach the top ranking on search engines. The key areas you need to focus on are:


You cannot expect your blog to grow over the period if you post once in weeks or months. Decide a day of the week when you post content and then utilize the rest of the days in creating the next and promoting the one you created this week. In this manner, your audience will be assured they will find something exciting and interesting every week. This is the easiest method for creating an audience.

Quality Content

Even if you are consistent and posting old or outdated content, no one will read it. For example, you land on a blog post and find the same old content regarding the topic you are interested in. Will you find your way back to that blog again? Not really, right? Therefore, while creating content you need to ensure you create unique and exciting content.


Creating content that users are unaware of is as good as not creating, right? Once you create a blog post, the next important area is promotion. Promote it as much as you can on different social networking sites to increase your audience and visibility. Moreover, creating backlinks will help you with credibility and increased readership. The more you promote your blog, the more audience you will have, and the higher you will be ranked. Therefore, never take this important area for granted.

Guest Posting

As a newbie, the best way to improve your visibility is by guest posting on blogs of your niche. Make it a point to target the blogs with a large audience. Once you step your foot in it with valuable content, people will definitely pay a visit to your blog to explore more.

These little steps will help you reach your bigger targets provided you put in efforts. Once you develop genuine readers, you will be showered with opinions and views. You need to ensure that you use the same to make necessary improvements and grow along.


Why Should You Create A Blog?

Why Should You Create A Blog?

Before creating a blog, you need to ask yourself this simple question. Do you need a place for sharing your thoughts and experiences you come across every day? Or do you need a place for sharing some valuable information on a topic you are well-versed with? Answering this question will help you decide what kind of blog you need.


(source: https://mythemeshop.com/blog/difference-between-blog-and-website/

People often interchange the two terms but there is a major difference between both of them.

If you are running a blog, you need frequent updates and regular content. The main aim is to develop a continuous readership along with giving preference to the reader’s opinions.

On the other hand, the pages of a website are rarely updated once created. moreover, websites might include a blog page as well. But other than that, the content is not continuously modified. Therefore, websites are static and do not require frequent modification. So, on one hand, websites give the user the same content on every visit, blogs always have something exciting in the picture.

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(Source: https://www.theprofessionalvagabond.com/how-to-choose-profitable-niche-market/ )

Blogging niche is the topic you are knowledgeable about and would want to share the same with the world. Once you are aware of the purpose of blogging, selecting a niche becomes easier. Firstly, there is no shortage of options, so if you are confused about the topic then do not worry. Let’s move ahead and discuss some of the top blogging niches.

Travel Blog

Are you one of those people who have a thing for traveling and photography? If yes, then that’s the best place to start off. Travel blogs come under the top ranking blogs. You can give a complete guide for the places you travel, the center of attraction, must-visit places, hotels, and restaurants with good food and many more things.

Due to the increase in travel, people are more and more interested in receiving tips and advice. Once you start your travel blog, make it a point to use catchy titles and stories to grab attention.

Food Blog

If you are always found in the kitchen cooking something new and interesting then food blogs are looking out for you. For all those people, who have cooking tips, advice, new and exciting recipes, a food blog is the best way to share information. Keep it a point to introduce people with new and delicious dishes and in no time, you will develop a trustworthy audience.

Fitness Blog

For all those fitness enthusiasts out there, this is the best option. You can share your fitness routine, tips to lose body fat, develop abs, etc. Anything that you find useful and is required to stay fit, you must share it with people. Due to the increased risk of diseases, people are being more and more aware of fitness.

Pregnancy Blog

Let’s be honest, expecting for the first time can be difficult. Women are often confused and afraid regarding their pregnancy. You can share the right piece of information including what to expect during pregnancy, food habits- what to eat and avoid, and other important information.

Lifestyle Blog

There is no shortage of content when it comes down to lifestyle blogs. There is a wide variety of interesting content you can cover here. Basically you need to talk about your lifestyle and personal interests. Due to this, it is somehow similar to personal blogs that we will soon talk about.

Finance Blog

If you have an ample amount of knowledge regarding managing and investing money then starting a finance blog can be a great option. Now more than ever, people are looking out for financial advice in order to make the right investments at the right time.

Personal Blog

Most of us come across so many things that happen in our day to day life that we feel like sharing with the world. This is what personal blogs are for. You post content frequently regarding the happenings in your life. There is no rule when it comes down to a personal blog and you can share whatever you want with your audience.

Personal blogs can act as a strong way of conveying a message to the world through your stories or experiences. If you feel like you need to share your stories with the world, then go ahead and create your personal blog today. This can be a fun way to indulge with people and know about their stories as well.

Why Should You Choose A Blogging Niche?

This is another important question that might click in your head. The major reason for choosing a niche is search engine visibility. Let’s take an example to understand this.

If you have a blog wherein you are blogging about food and simultaneously the latest technology. The search engine will get confused and you rob yourself the chance of being ranked high. Moreover, even your audience will be confused if you post different content on a regular basis.

Due to this, selecting a niche should always be your top priority. Now, let’s move on to the next important reason behind choosing a niche.

Time To Start Your Blog

Once you have finalized your blogging niche, it’s time to start your blog. Always remember that self-hosted blogs are more preferred if you are serious about blogging. There are various different platforms in order to start, WordPress being the topmost choice.

You need to decide a name for your blog that defines your niche. This is a very important step since readers identify you buy your blog name. If you keep a confusing name that is nowhere related to your niche, you might not develop a good readership in your niche. People must instantly get an idea about the type of content through your name.

Think it through and make the right decision.

As a beginner, you must go for the basic plan as it is the best for bloggers just starting off. Once you are done with this, it’s time to post your first blog post. Start with the basics, and with time, you will learn to modify and create content accordingly.

Monetizing Your Blog

If you are looking forward to earning money through your blog then choosing a niche is important. In order to earn money, you need to improve your search engine visibility and develop an audience. You can go for paid promotion but always remember that organic traffic is much better. Organic traffic can only be generated by using top searched keywords and creating quality content on your specified niche.

Another important misconception about blogging is, “getting rich overnight.” You need to spend days, months, and even years in blogging to generate a handsome amount of money through it. To all those people in search of instant income, blogging might not be the best option. It is best for those who are looking forward to earning in the long run by sharing the information they have. People often use blogging as a source of side income.

For earning money through blogging, you need to spend a lot of time developing credibility. Most of your time is occupied in creating quality content and improving google ranking. Once you start a blog, the initial days will be spent in creating and promoting content. You might end up with a small group of readers. Most people give up in the initial stages or get bored with and stop creating content.

But always remember that hustle pays off. So, in case you are thinking about blogging and earning money then make sure you deal with the difficulties. Nothing is easy when you are just starting off but with time, you will achieve your goals.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the basic requirements for starting off as a blogger. Help people with the valuable information you have and create some money along with it.

Never get disappointed and always remember that the top bloggers in your niche once started from right where you are. Most of the successful bloggers out there had no idea what blogging was at a particular point in time. Their success is the result of years of efforts and hard work.

Each and every one of them dealt with the struggle of initial years. So no matter what your purpose behind blogging is, be consistent and create quality content to successfully achieve your goals.

Start off where you are with what you have without thinking much. Moreover, always remind yourself to go beyond your set limits to reach where you want to.


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