HOW TO WRITE A  BLOG? Complete Guide

HOW TO WRITE A BLOG? Complete Guide

In order to develop a genuine audience or readership on your blog, writing a captivating blog post is essential. The target of your blog post should be to take the reader until the end of the post. Most of the blog posts are half-read and left. Why? Because of the lack of creativity in expressing the information as well as repeating the same content over and over again.How to write a blog post that ensures you develop a genuine readership rather than a few views once in a while.

How good the posts on your blog depend upon how many visitors keep coming back to your blog. In order to retain readers, you need to create unique and interesting content. In order to stand out, merely spinning blog posts won’t help. Let’s move ahead and see the right way of writing blog posts on your blog.

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 Pick Up The Topic Readers Are Most Curious About

Nothing makes a person click faster than curiosity. Before creating a blog post be clear about what you are writing on. Choose the subjects in your niche that people are currently interested in. Also, is there something you have the knowledge about that most people don’t? Shoot that. The thing here is to arouse their curiosity either by bringing the trending topic in the subject or by a topic that no one knows much about but will be willing to.

Whatever your niche is, search about the trending topics in it that you can write on. In order to decide this, you need to conduct enough research. Go through the internet and research as much as you can before starting off. The best way is to browse through similar websites in your niche and see the response of the readers over there.

Write Catchy And Hard To Resist Headlines

Write Catchy And Hard To Resist Headlines

The main focus of your heading should be to arouse curiosity in your reader. How does that happen? Focus on the queries readers have. They are possibly looking for a solution. Try asking a question in your heading representing the thing they are looking for. Or mention let’s say the top 20 ways of solving that problem. Research has shown that people are more and more attracted to “how to” and “list” headings.

This is the first impression and it must catch their attention. Never take headings for granted. This is the best place to show your creativity.

Also, keep in mind that you need to narrow it down to a specific area.

This means that instead of writing, “how to improve your life” go for “top 10 ways you can use to improve your finances.” This is how people dealing with that particular aspect of life will click on your post. There is a wide variety of things people go through and they will search for the area that is affecting them. Be as specific and clear as you can while writing headings. Always think from the reader’s perspective and you will know what gets clicks the most. But make sure you do not promise something in your headings that your content cannot offer.

As a blogger, you must ensure you write the heading first before beginning with the content in it. On the basis of the heading written, the rest of the content flows.

Never Ignore The Importance Of Arousing Introduction

Every time you open a blog post, the first paragraph you read decides if you will make it to the end. The introduction says it all!! Most of the bloggers believe that the hardest task is to keep the reader engaged until the end. If you write a boring and dull introduction no one will read further. Do not try to throw facts at their face in the starting.

Try to be connected to their minds through your words. What could they possibly think about? What are they expecting? Use a conversational tone and give an interesting overview of the entire post. What will they take from here once they reach the end? Understand their situation and frame the introduction accordingly. Always remember that they will not read if they fail to connect.

It does not matter if you have high-quality content stored for later in the post, this is the point that decides whether or not they will reach there.

Focus More On The Solution

Focus More On The Solution

In the beginning, you dwell on the problem that needs to be addressed. But do not just keep dwelling on the problem, focus more on how to solve it. If you keep discussing the problem in half of your blog, readers might get bored and leave.

If they clicked on the post, most probably they are aware of the problem in the discussion. Do talk about what could happen if it is not dealt with but avoid stretching it longer than it is required.

Providing The Content Your Promised

The next important task is to deliver exactly what you talked about in the heading as well as the introduction. Along with providing enough content (more than the reader expects), present the content well. Also, you don’t have to get to the roots of what’s never been written about before. A blogger focuses on presenting the information in a better manner.

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Create An Outline Of The Content

Before beginning, make sure you have a proper outline for your content. This will ensure you do not miss out on important points. You can also keep adding as you move forward towards your final draft. Creating an outline will help you stick to the proper structure of your blog.

Deliver Unique Content

Let’s be honest, we all crave for something unexpected and unique. Try to provide information people don’t know much about and will be curious to know more. Once you create a list of things you wish to include in your blog post, think about what more can be added or what is missing in it. The more creatively you express the information, the more time a reader spends on understanding and analyzing the same.


Use Enough Subheadings

When you write a blog post, the entire post should be separated using enough subheads. This is how you keep the users on your post. It is much easier to go through a post that is divided using subheads. This will also help them reach quickly the area they focus on knowing about.

During writing headings and subheadings, keep in mind that it must raise curiosity rather than delivering the answer. If they are not curious enough to get to the answer since they already received it in the beginning, they will not read forward.

Use Bulleting And Listing As And When Required

As we all discussed to break down the content into different sections. To give it an appealing look, make sure you use bulleting while explaining different points. This makes it easy to understand.

Check The Word Count In Each Section

It is crucial to discuss content in sections but along with it the word count in each section should be the same or approximately the same. Why? This shows each part is given equal emphasis and that your content follows a specific formula. It all comes under a good presentation.

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Have A Strong Ending

Have A Strong Ending

Along with the start, a strong ending is as much important. If your post keeps getting dull and boring till the end, users will never reach the end. Make sure it is as engaging till the end as it is in the starting.

Most bloggers make the mistake of writing even when they don’t feel like it. AVOID DOING THAT. Why? Because if you don’t feel like writing, you will most probably write dull and boring content. If you aren’t energized enough, how do you expect your content to be?

This is the main reason behind the emphasis put on writing about something you love. If you aren’t interested in the topic, neither will your content be nor your audience. The key is to focus on what arouses your curiosity and interest. It helps you keep writing without getting tired of it.

Also, make sure you sit with a fresh mind, research properly, and write accordingly.

Shoot Them With Enough Motivation

Since you are focusing on solving a problem, a reader is going through you must keep motivating them. Rather than merely giving them the solution, motivate them to reach that point. Let’s be honest, sometimes all that we need is a little motivation to get started. Your reader must feel inspired after reaching the end. The content should bring him into action.

Also, try and connect the reader by adding enough emotions to your piece. The emotion required should be in the context of the content you provide.

Never Skip Editing The Blog Post

People often publish once they complete writing the blog post. But there are always grounds for improvement. You might not notice the changes required instantly but if you come back after a few hours or even a day, you will know. Therefore, leave it for a while after writing and come back to take a final look before posting it.

Most of the time we include unnecessary lines in our post which makes it boring. Make it a point to eliminate all such lines from the post.

Try to connect with your readers and keep them entertained all along. Avoid using difficult words in your content. Keep it simple and attractive.

Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity

Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity

If you create a unique 1000-word blog post and a dull and boring 2500-word blog post. Which one would get more viewers?

People want detailed information on topics but more than the length they focus on the quality of the content. Similarly posting one blog post every week with detailed information is better than posting one every day with the same boring knowledge.

Never focus on quantity since you need to offer something people are looking out for. Create content that attracts readers and be consistent in that. Even if your word count is less but the quality is high, readers will eventually keep coming back to your blog.

Understanding Your Audience Is Important

Are you aware of what your audience wants? What do they keep coming back to? Which particular topic do they interact with the most? You will get all these answers by observing and analyzing your target audience.

In the end, it always comes down to what they want. By understanding their requirements, you will be able to create content with maximum demand.

Your audience will be interested the most in answers to their questions. Are you providing them the answers they need? Keep questioning and if the answer is no then keep working.

Understanding Your Audience Is Important

Have Enough Knowledge About Your Niche

Most of the bloggers select a niche because it’s popular. It’s ok to target a specific niche you do not know much about. But it is not ok to share information you are not certain about. This is the main reason why people prefer going to the subject they have enough knowledge about.

But if you move towards a niche you have no or less knowledge about then keep researching and learning. Share the knowledge you gain along the way but never share something fake.

This will only lead to lack of trust of your audience, do not provide content just for the sake of providing.

You will specialize in the selected niche over time. Keep learning and expanding your knowledge rather than posting the same thing over and over again.

Choose A Captivating Featured Image

Once you finish writing the blog post, another important area is adding images to it. The featured image appears on the top of the blog. It must be compelling enough for the readers. According to the content of your blog you choose the featured image.

It can also affect the success of your blog post since visual aspects matter too. Along with the featured image, keep an eye on the formatting of the post as well. If by any chance it does not have proper formatting, readers will avoid it.

Focus On SEO As Well

Focus On SEO As Well

Search engine optimization is another area that needs to be focused on for the success of a blog. Once you finish writing, ensure your keyword is used enough in all your subheadings as well as in the introduction and ending. Other than that, try to write a unique meta description for your readers.

Do not forget to add alternate text to your images. All these things ensure users and search engines find your blog easily. No matter how good your content is, there is no point if people could not find it. Optimize it keeping in mind the readers and the search engine.

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Give Them An Idea Of The Next Blog Post

Once you finish with your blog post, give them an idea about other similar blog posts. Since they reached the end, they are more likely interested in the topic you wrote about. Due to this, they will definitely want to know more about the same. In this manner, you make the task easier for them.

In your blog post as well, insert links to similar blog posts. Guide your readers throughout the post in order to retain them.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the main points you need to keep in mind for creating a good blog post. Conducting in-depth research and writing appealing content is the key to developing a readership. Stick to a particular format but don’t be too rigid if the topic in picture demands to change it. Do not skip any of the important areas beginning from interesting content ending to visual appearance. All these little factors add up to the success of the blog. What you create will help you in attracting and retaining the readers.


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