Hostgator Complete Review 2021: Is This The Right Web Host For You?

Hostgator Complete Review 2021: Is This The Right Web Host For You?

Picking up the right host is the first step to starting your website. As we all know, we are no short of options, but we need to choose the right one. This Hostgator complete review will help you understand the importance of using this web host.

Since 2002, this web host has been continuously growing and providing services that the users love. For beginners, who are confused about making the correct decision, this detailed review will help you out. It is hosting over 8 million domains and continuously improving. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting plans to its users.

Overall these years, website owners have understood the importance of a good web host in the success of a website. Many web host companies started and shut off due to the poor services they offered. If a web host company keeps growing year after year, it won the confidence and trust of its users due to the services it provides.

Let’s move ahead and understand why Hostgator is the right web host for your upcoming website in this Hostgator review

Why Is Hostgator Suitable For Beginners? (Hostgator Complete Review)

If you are a complete beginner and starting your first website, then choosing the right web host can make your journey much easier.

For people who are just starting, one thought that captivates their mind is the need for a website designer and developer. No doubt having one can make all the workload and effort go away but includes the payment of much money.

The host you choose can either be your best or the worst decision. A poor web host with less price will lead to reduced services, and eventually, you will keep moving downwards.

Why do you want to spend money on something you can easily do with the help of the right web host? The same money can be invested in something more fruitful, right?

There are many different areas where you need a good investment for growth. Let this area be covered by walking on the smooth road that your web host provides.

Yes, Hostgator focuses especially on the need for beginners. You can easily build your new website and get access to a good CMS like WordPress. Every time you get stuck, your web host is there to look after your needs. It is filled with tutorials that will help you in making your next move.

Isn’t this the one most important thing beginners look out for?

Hostgator Complete Review 2020: Is This The Right Web Host For You?

No Compromise With Speed At All

The first and foremost thing that retains visitors to your website is the speed. If it takes longer than the usual time, you lose visitors.

Research has shown that if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, people leave! Yes, no one spends more time than that on a website. People want quick and instant results. Now you know the cost of a slow-loading site.

Hostgator’s servers provide high speed even at the basic shared hosting plan. This simply means no compromise with speed and reduced bounce rate.

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Exclusive Benefits For First Time Users

Beginners are always worried before investing money for web hosting.

What if my site didn’t stand up to my expectations?

What if I drastically failed and the money invested goes down to nothing?

Hostgator cares a lot about its first-time users. It provides a special discount to them; therefore, no need to let the cost of hosting prevent you from starting your website.

With time, you will notice your website grow and realize the money invested was worth it. Well, the price will increase with time, but if you make the most out of your site, it won’t be hard.

Money is no longer a hurdle; time to get started!

Always There For Your Doubts

If you are wondering about the fact that you will get stuck due to a lack of knowledge, then stop stressing. Why? The customer support service at Hostgator is all-time available.

There are different mediums you can use to get in touch with them. You can contact them via telephone, and they will explain everything in detail regarding the difficulties you are facing. Furthermore, you can also contact them via text, but you need to be patient for the reply.

Overall, whenever you feel like you are confused, the customer support service will help you. They have different support channels that are active and in your service, 24/7. These channels include email, live chat, call, etc.

Hostgator always look out for the customers in need. Be patient, and they will help you resolve your queries. You will come across some of the most knowledgeable people in the subject matter for helping you out.

99.9 % Uptime Guaranteed (Hostgator Review)

In order to make the most out of your website, you need to ensure it is running all the time. There is no point in having a well-designed website if your users fail to access it every time they want to.

Suppose a user went to your website and it is not running at that time, do you think he will return?

Uptime matters a lot for generating enough revenue through your site. HostGator protects your website from delivering poor user experience.

You might be wondering what if the uptime is less than 99.9%?

Well, Hostgator provides a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, but if it fails, it compensates the users accordingly.

 But in order to receive compensation, you must ensure the uptime is not reduced due to anything that you did on the website. If that is not the case, you will surely be compensated by the web host.

Get Your Hands On A Number Of Benefits

Hostgator comes with many benefits for its users. Firstly, you get a one-click install to popular CMS like WordPress.

Along with that, you receive unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited database for a great experience.

Overall it provides excellent services at a very low price to its users. Get high speed and reliability by using Hostgator as your web host.

Also, if you are tired of your current web host and looking forward to transferring, Hostgator makes the process much easier for you.

Provides 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you are confused about whether or not a plan is suitable for you, no need to worry, people hesitate in investing thinking they will lose their money in case they realize it is not what they expected. Unlike other hosting companies, Hostgator provides a money-back guarantee in the first 45 days. This ensures your money is safe in case of dissatisfaction.

Why would a web host extend 15 days rather than staying stuck to the common 30-day policy?

Because it cares for the overall satisfaction of its users, operate your website through this web host for 45 days, and see whether or not you made the right decision. No need to hesitate since you are all guarded up by this web hosting company.

Also, this money-back policy is for all the packages offered by Hostgator. For more information regarding the refund, do check their website.

Types Of Plans Offered By Hostgator For Its Users (Hostgator Review)

Now, as we are aware of the benefits of choosing Hostgator as your web host, let’s move on to the packages it offers.

No matter what kind of website you wish to operate, Hostgator has a sorted plan for every website owner.

Beginning from people who have never had this experience yet ending till professionals in the field, plans are suitable for every person. No need to worry about money since you have different hosting packages and you can choose according to your budget. Although the features will vary according to the plan.

Hostgator Complete Review 2020: Is This The Right Web Host For You?

Shared Hosting Plan

For complete beginners, this is the most suitable plan. In this plan, a single server hosts multiple websites, and it is beneficial for people with low budgets. If you are just starting off and don’t have much information, this is the plan for you. Once you are well versed with the working, you can shift to other plans as well. Now, in the shared hosting plan, you will come across three options you need to choose from.

1.  Hatchling Plan

The starting rate of this plan is $2.75 per month. In this plan, you will receive one free domain, one-click WordPress install, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and free WordPress/cPanel website transfer at such a low price. The price per month varies according to the time frame you choose, i.e. 36 months, 24 months, 12 months, and so on. Choose according to your preference and budget but remember that the longer the time frame, the better it will be.

2.  Baby Plan

This is the most recommended plan at Hostgator and trusted by most of the users. Firstly, you will receive unlimited domain hosting, which is why it is considered far more valuable than the hatchling plan. It is most suitable for beginner e-commerce websites due to the features it offers. Along with that, you will receive unmetered disk space and bandwidth, free domain registration, free SSL, free WordPress/cPanel website transfer in this plan. To get free domain registration, you need to ensure you have at least chose 12 month period during billing.

HostGator Web Hosting

3.  Business Plan

The business plan is the most suitable for e-commerce websites looking forward to having all the essential features required to grow. On the one hand, the baby plan supports small businesses, the business plan ensures it covers all essential aspects for large or expanding businesses. Firstly, just like the baby plan, it supports hosting for unlimited domains along with providing some extra features like a private SSL, free dedicated IP, free SEO tools, etc. It is best for setting up a perfect online store. The free SEO tools that come with the business plans help your website rank higher.

If you have any of the above two plans, you can easily switch whenever you want to. As a beginner, you can go with any of the above two but with time, it is vital to grow and switch to the plan that is the most beneficial for your business.

Benefits Of The Features Provided In The Plans

1.  Free Domain Registration

No need to pay extra for registering your preferred Domain name until you have paid for the one year plan. According to the plan, you can use the same for free until the mentioned duration.

2.  Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate ensures all the data on your website is safe and secured. This protects your data from hackers. It is essential for your website’s protection.

3.  Free SEO Tools

By using the free SEO tools in the right manner, you can quickly generate more traffic to your website. Also, you will rank higher in search engines if used right. You will get all the relevant details for using them right.

4.  Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth helps you in having as much traffic as possible without any extra charges for the same. It is very beneficial for websites with huge traffic.

Shared hosting is good until and unless you have a small site with minimum users. As soon as the site expands and grows, the performance might get affected due to an increase in traffic. Since many websites are operated on the same server, you cannot expect maximum speed. What should you do when that happens? Here are some other hosting plans that are suitable for websites with increased traffic.

VPS Hosting Plan

VPS Hosting plan is suitable for websites with huge traffic. In the shared hosting plan, huge traffic can somewhere lead to slow speed and can cost you visitors which is why it is essential to go for the right plan. In this plan as well, there will be other websites on the servers but less when compared to the shared hosting plan. This ensures there is no problem with speed, and you make the best out of your efforts.

Dedicated Servers

In the case of dedicated servers, only one website gets access to it. This ensures no compromise at all with speed but includes huge investment. Big businesses use dedicated servers with more than usual traffic on their website. Although it is expensive, but beneficial in case your website receives huge traffic every day. The server can be customized according to the website owner’s requirement and there are no restrictions at all as in the case of shared hosting.

Hostgator Complete Review 2020: Is This The Right Web Host For You?

The Bottom Line

By the above discussion regarding the Hostgator complete review, we can conclude that Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies. You come across plans suitable for your budget and can make the most out of them with your efforts. Stop putting away the idea of starting your new website. Use this web host, and it will guide you through setting up the site you always wanted to.

Start now with whatever you have but don’t wait for the right time. The customer support service is friendly enough to deal with every issue anytime you want, no matter how basic it is.  You cannot expect your website to grow magically, and you need to put in the efforts ad invest your money right.

In this Hostgator review, we have finally covered all possible areas to ensure this web hosting company is worth the investment. Go ahead and study all the plans in detail and choose the one for you. Make sure you read the Hostgator complete review thoroughly to understand the benefits and suitability of choosing Hostgator. It’s time to develop your brand new website using the right resources. Do not wait any more, get started, and see results in no time.

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