Are you unaware of the right method of researching keywords? Well, keywords play a huge role in the popularity of your content. The right way of keyword research can help your website succeed in the long run. Today we will discuss about the method along with some free keyword research tools. In order to improve your website’s performance, you will also come across two best SEO tools.

These tools will help you not only in keyword research but also in backlink analysis, and on-page SEO optimization. As a website or blog owner, knowing about these tools is vital for your success. Let’s first begin with the meaning of keywords research.

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Meaning Of Keywords Research

Meaning Of Keywords Research

As we all know that people enter certain terms in search engines to get relevant results. In order to generate traffic, we must use the mostly-used terms in our content. Keyword research is the process of analyzing all possible terms most of the users type.

In order to be easily identified, analyzing and using these terms is of utmost importance. The three major types of keywords you need to focus on are:

  • Short-tail Keyword- includes one or two words and has a high search volume
  • Mid-tail Keyword- includes two to three words and are high in the competition
  • Long-tail Keyword- includes more than three words and has a low search volume

If you are wondering which type of keyword you need to focus more on then the answer is a combination of the three. On one hand, short-tail keywords ensure you get enough traffic, long-tail keywords ensure you get the right traffic. More than generating traffic, the target should be on the audience we actually want.

How To Do Keyword Research?

Create A List Of Relevant Topics

Firstly, you need to create a list of all those topics that are important for your business. Once you are done with that, you will have an idea about the keywords you need to select related to them. The main topics of the business are important since the keywords must revolve around them. List down each and everything that comes in your head.

Once you list down the topics, try to jot down as many key terms as you can that you want to write about.

Type The Same In Search Engines

Once you type something in the search engine’s search bar, you will come up with more related terms that are often searched. These are the terms people mostly search for. List all of them down as well. Now you will have a list of many keywords related to the topic you want to write content on. Once you have a sorted list, the next step is to study a little about your competitor.

Research Your Competitors

The best way to get an idea of which keywords are ideal for your content is by researching your competitors. This will help you understand the popularity of a particular keyword and you can use it accordingly. It will also give you an idea about all the keywords you might be missing.  

Also, use a mixture of short-tail and long-tail keywords rather than using just one type.

Use A Keyword Research Tool

Since you have a list of all the terms that are relevant to your content, it’s time to create the final list. Using a keyword research tool will help you in identifying the popularity of the particular keyword you type. It will give you an idea of the monthly searches. Once you use that tool, you will finally have the keywords you need to use in your content.

If you are wondering which keyword research tool to use then don’t worry. You need not pay a huge amount of money for getting access to keyword research tools. There are so many free options available on the internet. In the next section, you will see all the free keyword research tools you can use in your content.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Website owners have used this keyword research tool for years. As we all know that the major target is Google; therefore, by using Google AdWords you can easily target the major keywords searched on Google. If you are a beginner, then this tool is right as it is easy to use and reliable. All that you need to do is type the keyword in the search box, and all the relevant keywords will be displayed.

You will be provided with all the required knowledge regarding the keyword, including monthly searches and competition. All this information makes the task much easier. But remember instead of actual search information, it provides you a range, for example, 5k-50k. The best part is that it is completely free to use.

Google Trends

Google trends is another free keyword research tool that is used by content creators. The main reason behind is popularity is that it shows the exact point of time when the search exceeds the normal limit. This simply means that it clearly shows the month in which a particular keyword is searched the most. It gives you an idea as to what is the right time to create a particular content. Total emphasis is given to the trend and accordingly, you create. Along with this, it also provides other information like search volume for giving preference to the right keyword.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword sheeter is one of the most preferred free keyword research tools since it provides more than 1000 ideas every minute. You will come across all the relevant keywords that you must use in your content. It is the best tool if you are looking forward to getting bulk keyword ideas in a short span of time. You will not come across the volume and competition using this tool. But it has another good feature in hand. The positive and negative filters help you in adding or eliminating certain specific terms. You can add the terms accordingly and avoid the hassle of sorting once the search result appears.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The main target of this tool is on the keywords you already rank for. Using the keywords that bring the most traffic to your website or blog will simply ensure improvement if used again. Keeping a track of such keywords is essential and this tool does its job well in that area. Instead of targeting new keywords, you can use the same old ones that guarantee traffic.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer is a chrome extension that gives you information regarding global searches. Currently, there are 19 countries involved in this tool’s database so you will come across the statistics regarding these countries. You also have the option of turning global search result off in order to avoid that. Along with getting information regarding the keyword you searched, you also come across a list of similar keywords. Do not rely on this extension if you are looking forward to bulk searches. Therefore, if that is your aim then using it might not be the best option.


Do you want to write on a topic you know nothing about? If yes, you are undoubtedly unaware of the terms that must be used while writing about them. This tool is best for such situations because once you type a term, it comes with all possible terms related to it. Even the ones which do not specifically involve the term you typed in the start. These keywords are basically brought through Reddit and comes with everything you could possibly need to get started. No need to worry anymore if you are targeting a niche that you are unfamiliar with.

When it comes down to speed, this tool never disappoints its users. You also have the option of restricting the results to certain language that you specifically wish to target. Other than Google, this tool targets other sources as well for getting popular keywords like eBay, Youtube, Amazon, etc. Being restricted to one source is not enough. For all those websites with online stores, this feature is very helpful.


Most of the people type the questions they have in the search engines. This tool helps you by providing all possible questions users in your niche are asking. You can sort according to your requirements, either you can go for the most popular ones or on a specific topic. For all the bloggers out there, it is a very useful tool since you need to focus on the queries of your users.

Best SEO Tools

As we all know that search engine optimization or SEO plays a huge role in traffic generation on your website. If you do not have much knowledge regarding SEO do not worry. There is a wide variety of SEO tools available and here are two top tools you must have knowledge about. These tools will help you boost traffic to your website and are completely reliable. Most of the successful website owners use these tools to improve their rankings in search engines.



SEMrush is a software specifically developed to meet your digital marketing needs. It helps you in improving your on-page SEO, thereby, leading to improved traffic generation. It keeps a track of individual pages in order to ensure the content is user-friendly.

Also, it helps you with your keyword requirement in order to grow. It provides you complete knowledge about the keywords your competitors are focusing on and what you need to do in order to reach a level higher than them. A lack of experience or knowledge of SEO can lead to the total failure of your website. In order to avoid that, you must have this software.

SEMrush helps the users by providing their competitor’s data. All that you need to do is type the URL in the search engine. The data that appears will include the keywords used by them and their success. In order to stay in the competition, knowing your competitor’s strategy is essential.

On the basis of the goals you set out for, choose from the tools available on SEMrush. You will come across many tools, analyze your goals, and choose accordingly.

When it comes down to backlinks, it is very important for earning the trust of the search engines. The more backlinks you generate; the more authority your website gets. But merely getting backlinks from any site is not enough. You need it from the websites google trust the most. This tool will help you in earning backlinks if you find it difficult to do on your own. It targets the most popular websites for backlinks and you also get the idea about what your competitors are targeting.

If you are worried about the cost involved in using this software, then you must know there are different plans you can choose from. The four plans include pro, guru, business, and enterprise. The cost of the plans varies according to the budget and purpose. Analyze each plan properly and then make the selection.

Also, SEMrush provides its users with a 14-day free trial. You can use it, see if it works well, and make the decision. You have the option of either going for monthly or yearly packages.


Overall the tool is worth the money spent on it. For the growth of your website, making this investment is necessary. You cannot blindly run your website and expect to meet your targets. Keeping a proper check on the site’s performance and making the required changes accordingly is essential.

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AHREFS is another SEO tool that can help you in improving your website’s performance. Most of the website owners depend upon this tool for website analysis. This tool is used to go through the current performance in order to make the changes required along with studying competitors’ strategies.

It covers all the required aspects for a website’s growth including keyword research, backlink analysis, on-page SEO optimization, etc. It is considered one of the most reliable source of website analysis due to its huge database and accuracy of results.

Among all the different services offered by this tool, it is mainly known for its SEO analysis. You can easily conduct backlink and keyword analysis in order to improve traffic on your website. In the beginning, the tool only offered backlink analysis but due to the successful growth, it keeps on adding. You will come up with a complete report with all the necessary areas you need to focus on improving to rank higher in search engines.

The backlink analysis report will give you all the details regarding the sites you obtained backlinks from. Along with that, you will also get the information regarding your competitor’s website. In this manner, you can know other successful domains you need to target for obtaining backlinks. The content explorer tool available here gives you the idea of the most popular content you need to target.

Keeping in mind the above features, it is definitely worth your money and time. Go ahead and make this investment in order to improve your website status.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the important areas for improving SEO. Never ignore the importance of using relevant keywords in your content. Keyword stuffing is no more an option to grow your website like earlier times since Google’s algorithm has changed. But your content must have relevant keywords in order to rank on search engines. Go through all the free keyword research tools described above, analyze them properly, and make your decision.

Also, as a website owner, you need to keep a proper track, the two best SEO tools discussed above are definitely worth your investment. Creating a website is not a big deal but growing it is a tough task. No need to panic due to the lack of information since these tools are specifically designed to help you out.


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