Bluehost Complete Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Bluehost Complete Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

When it comes down to website hosting, Bluehost has been the preference for years. It hosts more than 2 million websites and is in business since 1996. Bluehost has never been a disappointment to its customers due to the excellent services it provides. We will learn why in this Bluehost Complete review 2021 today. Keep in mind that this decision decides the overall success of your website. The people who are quick to get into more budget-friendly options regret the same later.

As we all know that with time web hosting providers have increased tremendously. Almost all of them promise a great user experience, but how many of them prove the same? Bluehost comes under those rare web hosting companies that have shown continuous growth in all these years. Due to the results that it provides more and more website owners use this host and refer the same to others. The fact that WordPress officially recommends it shows its credibility.

It is not easy to establish a name in the industry, but Bluehost has successfully reached that level by satisfying its customers.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional in the field, this host is suitable for you. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through all the important areas you need to know about in order to make your decision.

Benefits Of Using Bluehost (Bluehost Complete Review)

Access To Your Website 24/7

How can you expect your website to grow if your users can’t get access to it? Bluehost guarantees 99.9% uptime and stands by what it speaks. You can be easily assured that it will not disappoint you when it comes down to uptime. What can be better than your users getting access to your contact anytime they want? They will keep coming back for more, and you will eventually grow.

Always remember that your visitors have many other options. If they get disappointed once, they might never return back. No matter how good your content is, no one will ever sit back and wait for your website to load. This will affect your profits to a great extent. But with Bluehost, your website will be there for your users all the time, which will maximize customer satisfaction. End result? Increase in profits.

Good Loading Speed In Mobile

As we all know that most of the users access websites using mobiles. In such a scenario, what can be a bigger disappointment than slow loading speed? Bluehost ensures your website loads faster on mobile in order to retain your visitors. No matter how much traffic your website receives, Bluehost never lets the same affect the loading speed.

Let’s say you keep the content on your website up to date at all times. But what’s the point if the visitor never returns due to the time taken by your website to load? It is an important factor in SEO that must not be neglected. It must never take more than 3 seconds to load in order to save yourself from losing potential customers. NO ONE LIKES TO WAIT!! Do not worry since Bluehost ensures the fast loading of your website on all devices.

Suitable For Each And Every Budget Group

Do not worry if your budget is low as you can easily go for the basic plan. The best part is that even the basic plan comes with lots of amazing features. Bluehost is well known for the services it provides at an affordable price. Due to this, most of the top website owners not only use it but suggest it as well. Money is not the constraint that will stop you from making the website using Bluehost. The only thing that can stop you is a lack of motivation.

With time, it has even declined the prices to a great extent for users to get access to amazing benefits at a low cost. Do not worry since the money you will invest will surely be worth it. We will discuss the same in the later section of this Bluehost Review.

Suitable For Beginners

While you choose a web host, you need to be careful since some of them are specially designed for advanced users. You might freak out and take more than the average time in setting up your website. In order to ensure you don’t feel stuck, you need to go for a web host designed according to the needs of a beginner.

If you are a beginner with less technical knowledge, you must be afraid of starting off. Bluehost is designed in a manner that is completely suitable for beginners. It will guide you through the process and help you set up the kind of website you wish to.

Each and everything is easy to use, and mostly all you need to do is click. For the advanced users, there are certain specific features, and for the beginners, easy to use layout.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee To Its Users

Let’s be honest; for small business owners, money is always a hassle. In such a scenario, spending it right is more than important.

What if I am not satisfied with the performance of the host?

If this question stops you from investing money, then we have the solution for you. Bluehost is equipped with a money-back policy to assure its users their money is safe with them. No need to worry about the plans since this policy applies to each and every plan offered by Bluehost.

Do not hesitate while investing money in Bluehost since you can easily get a refund within 30 days. You can easily try it out and see whether or not you are satisfied with its performance. If you are, you can continue using it further. But remember that the policy ends after 30 days, so make sure you apply for a refund if you want to.

Customer satisfaction is prioritized by the company due to which it stayed and became popular on the web. But we assure you that you will be satisfied with the services this host provides.

Always There To Help Its Users

Bluehost pays special attention to the queries of its users. For all the beginners out there, no need to worry if you feel stuck. You can get help from top experts through email, live chat, and phone support. Whichever method you find suitable; you can go for that.

Never hesitate while contacting them since they are always ready to help you out in every way possible. Due to the knowledgeable people in the customer support service, each and every possible doubt is cleared.

Do not worry about backups since Bluehost prioritizes the safety of your data and maintain regular backups.

Just be a little patient, and they will get back to you and help you out. The customer support service at Bluehost is very friendly and accessible at all times. So, no need to worry about help as they are always there in your service. Choose the way of communication you prefer and get answers soon. Moreover, they also have many video tutorials to help you out.

Type Of Hosting And Plans Offered By Bluehost (Bluehost Complete Review)

Let’s be honest; the prices of the plans offered by this host are not cheap at all. But when you look at the advantages of spending a little extra on a good host, you will not hesitate at all. Your website is the voice of your business. If you can improve your reach and performance by spending a little extra money as compared to other hosts, what’s the loss? Even the most basic plan is much better in features than other hosts available on the web.

How much will hosting my website on Bluehost cost me?

If this is the question wandering in your head, the answer is that it depends upon the plan.

Firstly, Bluehost offers six different types of hosting to its users, namely shared, VPS, Dedicated, shared WordPress, managed WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting. The type of hosting that is suitable for you totally depends upon what you expect. Each advanced hosting has its own benefits and features that help you in improving your performance. Increased features imply more cost.

One important factor that determines the cost you will incur is the length of the subscription. For the first year, the users receive a cut in prices but the same increases over renewal. Let’s move ahead and talk about the main plans offered by Bluehost.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is great if you are just starting off. There are four different options to choose from in the shared hosting. The price of the basic plan is $2.95 per month and keeps on increasing with further available plans. In shared hosting, you come across four different plans, namely Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. In shared hosting, many websites are hosted on the same server, which is why big businesses avoid it. But for small businesses, it is a great option at reasonable prices. Here are some common features you will come across

Bluehost Complete Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting gives you better control as compared to shared hosting and is suitable for websites with moderate to high traffic. For new websites, shared hosting is the best option. As you can customize according to your preference, the charges are higher than shared hosting. In VPS hosting, you come across three different plans, namely standard, enhanced, and ultimate. Website owners usually prefer to go with the enhanced plan. The prices and features offered by each plan can be seen below.

Bluehost Complete Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is best for websites with high traffic. By going for dedicated hosting, you can ensure your visitors never find any difficulty in accessing your website. Since only your website appears on the server, there are no chances of errors. Although it is a little expensive but worth the money for big businesses that can lose a huge amount of profit from even the slightest delay in loading. People often get confused between VPS and dedicated servers, and the key difference is that in case of a dedicated server, you get access to a server of your own. In the case of dedicated hosting, also you come across three different plans, namely standard, enhanced, and premium. Here are the features and costs of each of them.

Bluehost Complete Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?


For all the people who are looking forward to starting an online store, WooCommerceHosting is for you. Each and every aspect of online selling is covered, including secured payment. It is straightforward to use for beginners who have less knowledge regarding the same. Eye-catchy themes to grab your potential buyer’s attention is offered. Overall everything that an online seller could need is covered in the WooCommerceHosting. The three different plans, namely starter, plus, and pro, has the following features and costs.

Bluehost Complete Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Shared WordPress Hosting

It provides fast, easy, and secure WordPress hosting in minutes. Specially designed and managed by WordPress experts. You get your hands on various different benefits, including a Free SSL certificate and a one-year domain name. Automatic installation of the best CMS, WordPress. Along with that, you also come across amazing and attractive themes you can choose from. The three different plans namely basic, plus, and choice plus along with their features and cost, are shown below.

Bluehost Complete Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Till date, this is the best WordPress hosting for the users. If you are looking forward to building the perfect WordPress website, then go for it without any further delay. Starting at $19.95 per month and equipped with the best possible features. All essential tools required for improving ranking in search engines are provided. The speed and performance of the websites hosted through this have no possible comparison. You can manage everything through one dashboard, and your site is wholly secured. Here are the three plans, namely build, grow, and scale, with the features and cost involved.

Bluehost Complete Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Which Hosting And Plan Should You Opt For?

Now, as you are aware of all the types of hosting and plans offered by Bluehost, it’s time to choose one while making a choice focus on your long term goals and what you wish to achieve, the current traffic on your site, the storage space that you need, and other essential features.

This is the most important decision; therefore, think it through before making it. Compare the features of different plans and the costs involved to come to the final decision.

The Bottom Line (Bluehost Review)

By going through the above Bluehost complete review, we can conclude that it is the best web hosting company you can choose. Equipped with a wide variety of options suitable for each and every user. There are no possible hurdles to stop your website from growing. Do not think much about investing more than usual money since you will get unexpected returns by the fantastic growth of your website. A good host decides whether or not the money spent is worth it.

No need to worry about safety and security since it takes care of the same. All your personal information is safe and secured from hackers. Website protection is never an issue when it comes down to Bluehost. There are no extra or hidden charges involved, and it is free with your shared hosting plan.

There is a reason top website owners never think about switching. If you are looking forward to achieving something big, go for this investment without thinking much. Customer support service is always there if you get stuck, but firstly, you need to push yourself to make this decision. No one will do it for you, and you will eventually procrastinate again. Do not delay the decision anymore, and it is the right time to get started with the right resources in hand. Try it out once, as shown in the above Bluehost review, and in case of disappointment, you can always go for a refund.

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